So every Christmas I like to share a little history of the Atom. This year I take you all the way back to the very beginning. When Roger and I were 15 we started our first band along with a good school friend Chris. Roger on guitar and vocals, me on drums and Chris on bass. Our tilt was very unashamedly classic rock. One of the earliest songs in our set was Badge by Cream, and we took this as the name of our band. Perhaps more importantly, we also started an obsession with recording the band and hence the seeds were sown for Mighty Atom. This recording of Badge dates from 1984 when I had just got my first 4-track cassette recorder. Four whole tracks! Seemed like luxury back then. So here is Badge with Badge. It’s a little rough around the edges but we like to think it’s worth a listen.
Merry Christmas everyone – do enjoy as best you can during these crazy Covid times!
Dai and Roger x