Chris McCormack interview

Here’s a little clip of and interview with Chris McCormack talking about Mighty Atom. It’s from the live at Islington DVD release on Secret Records from 2004. The interview was filmed at Mighty Atom while the band were recording Union Of Souls. That’s the window into the control room behind Chris.

Powder – Blister

Here’s a little video we put together for the enhanced content (all the rage at the time) on Powder’s first EP The Art Of Self Offense. It was for the track Bylister which actually appeared on their first self released single Generation Ecstasy. The footage was shot in numerous venues around the UK while the […]

Appease – Act Five Scene Three

In July 2003 we released an EP by Appease, an awesome band from up north in Bolton. Here is the lead track from the EP, Act Five Scene Three. This is real classy early British emo. Ben from the band has since gone on to form Sitcom Soldiers, a company specialising in music video production, […]