Here are all the complete live shows we have recorded/mixed over the years.

Brigade live at Manchester Arena – March 2019
Recorded on tour with Busted on 28th March 2019.

The Spill Canvas live at the London Metro – November 2004
The Spill Canvas first toured the UK in 2004 in support of the release of Sunsets and Car Crashes. We recorded and videoed this their final show of the tour at the London Metro in November 2004. Unfortunately, Nick’s guitar track was missing from the first three songs so i have tried as best I can to pull the guitar from the other tracks in those songs. Elsewise this set sounds great.

3 Colours Red live at the Garage, Highbury and Islington – July 2004
3 Colours Red final show of their 2004 headline tour at the Garage in Highbury and Islington, London.We recorded this show primarily to have some options for single b-sides. But we videoed the show as well with three cameras so overall this one has come out really well. The audio multitrack was mixed back in 2004. I found and edited the video in 2019.

Kubrick live at the Garage, Highbury and Islington – July 2004
Kubrick supported 3 Colours Red in the show above, so we recorded the audio and video for their set as well. The audio multitrack was mixed in 2005 and the video in 2019.

Denzel live at Barons, Swansea
One of the four bands we put on at a Mighty Atom Showcase in May 2001. The audio for the whole show was recorded to ADAT multitrack and sat in a draw for 18 years. Discovered and mixed in 2019. There is no video for this one.

Liberty 37 live at the Hard Club, Porto
Recorded in Porto, Portugal in October 1999 on their European tour with Paradise Lost. The audio is from a FOH board feed that was remixed in 2019. The video is from the band recorded on good old analogue VHS.