Brigade – Manchester Arena

Here’s a couple of photos from Brigade at the Manchester Arena last Thursday. I was there to multi-track record the show. The production crew were really helpful – I recorded from mic splits at the stage to my mic preamps and 24 track hard disk recorder. I’ll get to mixing the show in the next […]

Hollywood Ending – You To Myself

This was the first Hollywood Ending video we did for You To Myself – directed by Keith Lynch I believe. It’s from the EP Beginning Of The Middle released in March 2004 – 15 years ago! The lyrics could quite happily be about the Brexit debacle currently playing out 🙂

Basskniv3s – Come On You Motherfuckers

After 3 Colours Red split the second time round in 2005, Pete and Paul went on to form Basskniv3s along with Andy Kearton (who later went on to join Brigade). We put out the EP Come On You Motherfuckers in July 2007. Here’s the video for that lead track.

The Smashup – Effigy

The second of the American bands we released in the UK was The Smashup. In late 2004 Vin, their guitarist, sent me through their self release and the recordings for their album release. I loved it. As it happened I was over in NY where the band were based a couple of months later on […]