Hollywood Ending – Always

Back in 2004 we recorded an EP for Bolton’s own Hollywood Ending. We loved it so much we signed the band and released the EP. We then got them back in to record their debut album. Now most times you follow this path, the band comes in and in pre-production you ask “How many songs […]

Hazel Israel – Dreamer

Chill out Sunday just before Christmas. Back before we started Mighty Atom I recorded this track with Hazel Israel – a cover of Toni Child’s Dreamer. Recorded in 1989 -30 years ago! Of course back then this was done with analogue reel to reel tape and an early MIDI sequencer. I think it stands up […]

3 Colours Red – The World Is Yours

Today I have for you the second single from the 3 Colours Red album – The Union of Souls. The single, The World Is Yours, was released in June 2004. The video was directed by Keith Lynch. I remember going to the shoot for this one at some warehouse on the outskirts of London although […]