Back in 2004 we recorded an EP for Bolton’s own Hollywood Ending. We loved it so much we signed the band and released the EP. We then got them back in to record their debut album. Now most times you follow this path, the band comes in and in pre-production you ask “How many songs have you got ready to go for the album?” Nine times out of ten the band has 7 or 8 songs – just barely enough for an album. We asked Hollywood Ending the same question. “22” was their answer. For the album we ended up recording the 14 best. Ten of those went onto the album. The others were to be used on single b-sides. This track was slated for the single release of Angel Town, but we didn’t end up actually doing a release for this in the end. Anyway, here is Always. And we have a few more Hollywood Ending tracks coming in 2020!