Funeral For A Friend – Grand Central Station

In November 2013 in association with End Hits Records we reissued an extended and completely remixed version of their debut EP from 2002 Between Order And Model. The reissue included three rare tracks that we dug up from some sessions at Mighty Atom just after the original release. Here is one of those tracks ‘Grand […]

Liberty 37 – Legion

So a bit of a Christmas treat today. Back in July 2002 Liberty 37 started work on their third album with a number of sessions at Mighty Atom. These have sat in the archives for 16 years. I recently dug these out. The songs were in various states of completion but a couple were pretty […]

Hondo Maclean

Today is my son, Sean Simpson’s 27th birthday. When Sean was much younger back in 2004 one of his all time favourite bands was Hondo Maclean. My favourite dad moment with the label was taking Sean and some of his friends into Mighty Atom while Hondo were recording their first album. The band were brilliant […]

Pointblank live at the Mumbles Fishing Club

Today I take you all the way back to the beginning. Here is some footage of Pointblank at the very first Mighty Atom Showcase exactly 19 years ago today in 1999 – last millennia! The audio is a bit rough, the camera was old and shit, and the camera operator (me) was useless  Again, let’s […]

Liberty 37 – All Of Myself

OK, here’s a bit of a rarity. This is a video for the Liberty 37 track, All Of Myself. It never saw the light of day back at the time for various reasons. It was directed by Martin Thomas and was filmed completely inside the BBC building where Mighty Atom was located in Swansea. The […]