Brigade – Safe Hands

For Brigade Friday this week I have a bit of a curiosity. It’s a video idea that we started for Safe Hands, but ultimately never finished. A good friend of mine was getting into CGI modelling and we had this idea we could do a sci-fi type CGI video for the track. By today’s CGI […]

Denzel – Resperidone live at Barons

In the Mighty Atom Archives I have live sets from Powder, Goatboy, Stickman and Denzel from the Mighty Atom Showcase we held back in 2001 at the dark and dingy nightclub that was Barons in Swansea. I’ve mixed off a couple of tracks already, and I’m doing a few more. Here is Resperidone by Denzel […]

Cry For Silence – Blessed

Cry For Silence – Blessed from The Longest Day EP released in November 2004. Great, great track. I sometimes forget just how influential this band were on a whole generation of bands who always name check these guys as a big influence. Cool band!