Hondo Maclean Are:
vocals Ben Woosnam
guitar Gavin Burrough
guitar Gavin Philips
bass/vocals Richard Boucher
drums Jake Thomas



Unspoken Dialect
Keithie`s Done Himself A Mischief
Don't Stop....Rodeo!!
Don't Forget To Feed The Fish
A Song For The Elvis Impersonator
Yeah Girl, You Said It!
Blinding Lightshows & Bad Clothes Dress Codes
Amphibian Kiss
Intensity In 10 Cities
Mortal Kombat

Chasing Angels
Lola's Pictures
Don't Forget To Feed The Fish
Wave (Wave Back They Will)
By The Power Of Greyskull

Plans For A Better Day
Animated Antics
you're addicted To Disco Baby
Asia Argento
Mortal Kombat



Some music is created to caress and envelop the senses in a delicate and sumptuous manner... some music is created to soundtrack the passion and intensity of romance... and some music is created to rip your head off and bounce your bleeding skull down the street. Meet Hondo Maclean.

Named after an 80's cartoon character, this Welsh quintet are a stunning example of post hardcore fury. Embodying a tasty hybrid of Slayer style intensity and Poison The Well like invention and progressiveness, they are a potent and exciting force in an era of increasingly soulless replication. And like all the best extreme bands, they know when to temper their assault with a mammoth hook or a well-placed insidious melody. They may crush you, but those chorus lines will be stuck in your head as they do it!

Such is the band's passion and drive that even movie superstar Asia Argento (of 'XXX' fame) has fallen for the Hondo Maclean charm! After hearing the track that the band named after her, she called the guys up and offered her services! And that's why you see Asia 's picture adorning the cover and reverse of the band's debut EP.

Shows with Poison The Well, Anthrax, Sikth, Funeral For A Friend, The Lost Prophets and even Steve-O (of Jackass fame) have primed the guys for ever more ferocious performances and the live Hondo Maclean experience can be intense to say the least.

Hondo Maclean - not your average rock band!