Goatboy are:
Nick Jenkins - Guitar/Vocals
Neil Rowling - Bass Guitar
Rhodri Thomas - Drums/Percussion
Dekmasha-Slicer man - Turntablist/programmer




Dook Of Oil



'If you'd like to know what Elvis would sound like if he was on speed, then buy this album.' R U SORTED

Welsh four-piece Goatboy had their debut album released on March 25 2002 on Mighty Atom Records. Produced by Joe Gibb (whose credits include Catatonia's International Velvet and Equally Blessed and Cursed, as well as Leftfield's Leftism and Finley Quay), Superlube (MTY-335) is an invigorating blast of eclectic, new millennial music.

Never pandering to the comfortable, it's not hip-hop, it's not rock, it's not jazz, it's not funk. It's some weird and wonderful hybrid of them all. Or as one wag so eloquently put it - 'Goatboy sound like the Beastie Boys f**king Elvis in the ass with James Brown and The Propellerheads w**king in the corner.' Not the nicest image perhaps, but as good a description as we've heard anyway!

Goatboy's peculiar and individual charms have already won over Radio 1's John Peel, who not only commissioned the band to record a session for him but also stated 'This is one of the best albums I have heard in the last five years'! And BBC Radio 1 Wales have already had 'em in session, as have Radio Wales!

If any of the names seem familiar it might be because turntablist Slicer man has previously released two independent hip-hop albums with fellow cohort Nobsta Nutts via their own Wonky Wax label,The Headcase Ladz, "Wonky 'Edz" and Shonky, "Straight From The Donkey's Mouth" in 1997 and 98 respectively and more recently the "Absurdisms" EP in 2002. Or maybe because drummer Rhodri Thomas sessioned on the new Liberty37 album God Machine.

Go on - give 'em a spin!